BritCult 2022

British Identities Medialised

Annual Conference of the Association for the Study of British Cultures 2022

University of Salzburg, 17 to 19 November 2022

With publications like Jeremy Paxman’s The English (2000), Kate Fox’s Watching the English (2004), or Mark Easton’s Britain, etc. (2012), the last decades have seen a conspicuous number of texts attempting to define and re-define Britishness in a changing world. This trend has been seen as indicative of a contemporary crisis of Britishness, of the need to re-define it in view of its changing status in the world brought about by the end of Empire. The process of devolution and the potential end of the United Kingdom in particular through Scottish independence or a potential Irish unification; continued economic difficulties which became particularly apparent with the 2008 financial crisis; new forms of immigration, which once more have changed the makeup of those living in the British Isles, all these developments have challenged ideas of national identities in the British Isles.

Most of the (re)constructions of national identity take place via different media forms, where they “drive as well as reflect” (McQuail 2010) present needs, political interests and topical events. Hence, the key focus of this conference will be on the particular relevance that media, but also specific media genres, have played and still play in the shaping of Britishness, but also Englishness, Scottishness, Welshness or Northern Irishness.

Please find the full call for papers here. The conference poster is available here.

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Conference Organisers

Dorothea Flothow, Sarah Herbe, Markus Oppolzer and Elisabeth Schober
Department of English and American Studies, University of Salzburg, Erzabt-Klotz-Str. 1, A-5020 Salzburg,